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When I was a student…

I believed that we entrusted the school to provide quality education to the whole studentry. The presence of quality teachers will be their first goal in order to produce and mold quality students.

Teachers? Who and where are they? In different scenario and situation we were able to recognize who really they are and where we usually find them. In newspapers, their names are printed and exposed in the headlines and in the television reporting their unenthusiastic behavior concerning to their profession. Another thing, I can still remember the situation inside the classroom wherein I was a bystander of condemning teacher in their work. From the clothes, shoes and accessories he wears, in the teaching strategies he applies in the class up to the little mistakes he committed. Most of the time students are complaining that they do not understand the lesson because the teacher does not know how to teach. All these things are the real scenario of life of a teacher.

How merciful! Is it true? In this manner, we were trying to obliterate their dignity as a teacher without considering their sensitivity. They are just human beings who experienced that they were degraded when they accused of calumny. Rather than blaming the teachers alone, let us try to ask ourselves. Did we do our part as students? Maybe they had shortcomings but we had no right to judge them in the way that could hurt them. We should not surmise their work without considering their effort to give their best in slaking our eagerness for learning. They did their part in a way that they thought we could learn from them.

From the ponderous preparations in providing learning activities, they exerted time and pressure. However, it was insufficient on the part of the students. Consequently, they never falter to continue believing that it is their duty to live and secure the life of the youngster for the future. Still with vehemence, pride and optimistic attitude serving conscientiously with the young ones is their priority. Smiles and confidence are really in their heart to show that they really foster the dedication that a teacher should be.

The teacher who developed critical thinking and values in an age bombarded with influences that depreciate sound works is a formidable task. The future lies on their hands in nurturing and motivating young ones to move forward for their dreams. As a teacher combines his good example, the finest service, commitment and dedication to his confidence he will be able to develop men with resolute, unyielding characters who are able to seize with the challenges and issues of life, men who will stand for the right despite of the differences from the majority. Since then, the love and concern that they showed to the students will in return worthy to gain respect with great appreciation. For that characteristic considered as one of the noblest profession truly to hold a title of being a hero.

Heroes are not only those personalities that we often read as we turn the pages of history book but also those fearless people who put forth enormous efforts and confer oneself wholly to a worthy purpose just to justify and to sustain their big vision to reality and that is the role of  a teacher. Many individuals were enlighten and guided from their ideals to create a sturdy world with peaceful life. Further, they encountered struggles with courage in order to attain such ideals. For it is the urgent necessitate of our time?

To our dearest teachers we would like to extend our sincere appreciation in inspiring us in the way to success. We salute your chosen vocation.


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  1. Hi batman8lo. again, thank you for the visit. it is an honor. truth, i’ve been here in your blog couple of times but could not compose anything until now.

    i may not be able to write like you do but i know you can write.

    so please keep it up!

    one more thing, i will put you in my blogroll whether you like it or not.

    see you around batman8lo.

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