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Today’s economic downturn exposes the false beliefs about the real purpose of education. Why is education so important? Why do we need education? The truth has been exposed nowadays that a college education no longer guarantees you job security. The daily news reports hundreds of stories of highly successful college graduates who are feeling the sting of a turbulent economy and are experiencing the same hardships as someone who has no college education.

The false beliefs about the purpose of education began during the 50’s and 60’s when a college education guaranteed you to live a comfortable life with job security. In today’s society the value of education has decreased significantly and many feel like there is no purpose for a college education. In truth it has been the false beliefs about the purpose of education that has led the country into economic condition we are in.

Education is a necessity for success but what you’re educated in will impact your income. At present, there are several Millionaire’s and Billionaire’s in this country who have no formal college education. How did these men and women become so successful without what society would call the highest honor for your person a “college diploma”? These men were experts in their chosen niche profession or trade. Why? It’s because these men and many others are very successful people who never allowed themselves to be consumed by the false beliefs about the purpose of education. Schools are excellent at developing the memory capacity of our youth but it somehow strips them of their ability of creative expression.

Due to this predicament we are confronted with, the preparedness and competencies of the students to step on in college life are being questioned. The people are somehow pointing out to the role of basic education as the foundation and building blocks of the individual toward life-long learning and of understanding of the world around. Furthermore, the misperception of the basic education as mere preparation for college education is given into an account of more importance than taking considerations its fecund purpose of life-long learning. Thus, given the status quo we are facing now, basic education is at risk. Does the curriculum in basic education guarantee for the competencies and skills aligned to the individual’s desired career in the future? Moreover, this pushes the government to pursue new curriculum, the Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program, as a solution to the problems that the educational system as a whole dealt with. What is this Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program all about? How does it affect the learning and the life of the individual as a whole? How is it related to the aims of education according to Alfred North Whitehead?

The main impetus in exploring this issue is the crucial status quo of the country’s educational system that intends to promote economic stability, enhance basic education program and uplift the status of life through better and well equipped individual geared with competency in facing the world of work and in preparation for employment. Moreover, it gives more courage to the researcher, the philosophy of education of   Alfred North Whitehead in upholding and supporting the details of the goals of the educational system for the betterment of competent individuals in this world of survival.


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